About us.
From The Ground Up is a construction inspection service. Our expertise is inspecting the quality, materials and standards of New Homes while they are under construction.

Our staff are highly trained, qualified trades people. We've done the job and we know how it should be done right. When we file a report, you can feel secure. When we indicate an error, omission or unacceptable shortcut, you will be able to take action immediately.

Home owners typically do not have the time or expertise identifying deficiencies.

Plan&Specification Review:
We will go through your specifications and plans to identify any problems right away and educate you the client on improved standards and upgrades that can be obtained, often at no extra cost to you.

Inspection Programs:
*Monitor and inspect the construction of a new home on a continuous basis as it is being built.
*Help assure that all of the plan specifications are faithfully followed.
*Help assure that "best practice" methods and crafstmanship are used in construction and finishing.
*Report to the builder and make them aware of the progress and any quality or craftsmanship issues.
*Provide expert advice before, during and after the construction of your new home.
*Act as a knowledgeable intermediary and represent you in any conflict with the builder.

Customized Inspection Programs:
We can work with any budget to help assure the concerns of all new homeowners are addressed. Every new house should involve From The Ground Up.

Pre-occupancy and Final Walkthroughs:
This can be included in any of our inspection programs or on a stand-alone basis. You receive a comprehensive report that identifies all deficiencies.

First year warranty inspection:
It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure all of the deficiencies are brought to the builders attention so they become the builders responsibility and expense! Our clients are not new home construction experts, nor do they have the time for thorough ongoing inspections. From The Ground Up is your "eyes on the site" to help ensure you get all the new home you are paying for.

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